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Our municipal tree management services include complete tree management programs that offer everything from tree inventories to proper ANSI pruning to cost benefit analysis.

3D tree scan
Using the latest technology in structural tree evaluations, we conduct a non-invasive density/decay scan of a tree’s trunk and root system. There is absolutely no damage to any part of the tree

and with the data that is collected; we can produce a 3D model of the tree’s structural wood as well as the root system. Learn more…

Underground utility & root damage prevention
The 3D tree scan is also useful in locating where underground utilities are in relation to a tree’s roots. This benefit could help prevent costly repairs to sewer lines, water mains, etc…

Hard-scape & root damage prevention
Additionally we can use the same 3D equipment to identify problematic roots near sidewalks, curbing, retaining walls, etc… once they are identified we can excavate the soil in these areas and install

a root barrier system.

Tree risk & hazard assessment
Risk assessments can play a key role in limiting liability concerns in high traffic areas such as parks, sidewalks and streets.

Tree healthcare & IPM
Tree healthcare is an important part in building a sustainable urban forest. While typically trees have no problem acquiring everything they need in a forest, urban forests often are not ideally suited

for trees to thrive. This is why it is important to monitor their health, implement IPM & healthcare programs as needed.

Tree planting plans

Tree planting designs and layouts can be complicated at times. True Tree Inc. can put together designs for specified areas and/or scout out new areas for tree plantings.

Tree management budgeting plan
A tree management budgeting plan is crucial in determining how much to allot for future tree care operations.

Tree preservation
Whether trees are deemed historic, grand, specimen, or any other name given to important trees in the community, it is important to preserve these valuable assets. A preservation program typically

incorporates multiple area programs including healthcare, 3D tree scanning, cabling/bracing, a lightning protection system, and/or other techniques deemed necessary to provide for such important trees.

Emergency response
It’s important to have an emergency response plan in place and a crew identified that will address any aspect of damage done by natural disasters. True Tree Inc. can assist you in creating an emergency response plan or asses an existing plan and make helpful recommendations.  We can also put a crew on standby to act as your emergency response team as these situations could be dangerous,

underscoring the importance of utilizing the services of professionals trained to all potential hazards.

Green waste management
While green waste is inevitable, we can develop management plans to help direct the flow, usage, and cost of this green waste in alignment with your budget.

Detailed tree inventory, locating, & mapping
In order to budget efficiently, it is crucial to have a current inventory of trees, whether in specific areas or the whole community. Detailed inventories, in addition to mapping, can provide a good idea of

species diversity, canopy cover and many other considerations that factor into determining what areas need to be focused on in your urban forest.

Lightning protection systems
In areas of the country that have a high probability of lightning strikes, a lightning protection system can be instrumental in ensuring the preservation and survivability of important trees. These systems also

help to direct lightning strikes away from neighboring structures, safeguarding any electronics within.

Cabling & bracing systems
Trees, for the most part, are equipped to deal with their structural needs. However, as trees mature they can outgrow their structural capabilities requiring cabling and bracing to help prevent limb failure in important mature trees.

Onsite arborist placement
If you have ongoing maintenance or projects that require an arborist, we can place a qualified and insured professional arborist on site to carry out day to day tasks as well as oversee work being


Tree & landscape lighting
We can enhance the appearance of your property with professionally installed decorative tree lighting as well as low voltage landscape lighting.

Chainsaw maintenance & safety education
We can deliver a training class for your staff on proper chainsaw maintenance and safety.

These are just some of the great services we offer and we are also able to customize our services to meet your specific business requirements.  All of our services are scalable, so no job is too big or too