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Insured and Trained

Our residential service teams are insured, professionally trained and adhere to industry safety standards. All of our work comes with our customer satisfaction “guarantree.”


We periodically prune dead and dying branches on trees and shrubs for plant health, safety and aesthetics. Pruning helps to reduce wind resistance and subsequent storm damage.

Insect and Disease Management

We inspect plants for insects and disease and whenever possible, utilize organic treatments that suppress pests and are safe for people and the environment.

Tree healthcare and preservation

We offer disease and pest diagnosis, fertilization programs, lightning protection systems and cabling/bracing to help you preserve the valuable assets of your property.

Tree and landscape lighting

We can enhance your image with professionally installed decorative tree lighting as well as low voltage landscape lighting. The results are remarkable!

Cabling and bracing

These systems are installed to preserve and help with potential or existing structural problems.

Lightning protection systems

Our systems are designed to protect important tree specimens from lightning damage.

Emergency response

In the case of a natural disaster that devastates your property, we can mobilize quickly and be on site in as little as 24-48 hours to begin restoration. We also have new technology to help save wind-blown trees instead of removing them. This process has the potential to significantly lower the tree casualty total.

3D tree scan

Using the latest technology in structural tree evaluations, we conduct a non-invasive density/decay scan of a tree’s trunk and root system. There is absolutely no damage to any part of the tree and with the data that is collected; we can produce a 3D model of the tree’s structural wood as well as the root system.

Underground utility & root damage prevention

The 3D tree scan is also useful in locating where underground utilities are in relation to a tree’s roots. This benefit could help prevent costly repairs to sewer lines, water mains, etc…

Hard-scape & root damage prevention

Additionally we can use the same 3D equipment to identify problematic roots near sidewalks, curbing, retaining walls, etc…once they are identified we can excavate the soil in these areas and install a root barrier system.