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Our commercial tree management services include arborist consulting, whole property assessments, written reports, preventive maintenance, hazard removal and proper pruning techniques.  We ensure all roadways are raised to 13’6″, and that all paths, buildings and parking areas are free from low hangings limbs.  We also function as a knowledgeable liaison between your company and any residents in your area over issues involving trees on your property or vice versa.

Tree healthcare and preservation
We offer disease and pest diagnosis, fertilization programs, lightning protection systems and cabling/bracing to help you preserve the valuable assets of your property.

Emergency response
In the case of a natural disaster that devastates your property, we can mobilize quickly and be on site in as little as 24-48 hours to begin restoration. We also have new technology to help save wind-blown trees instead of removing them. This process has the potential to significantly lower the tree casualty total.

Tree management budgeting plan
We put together a detailed Master Tree Management Program with a detailed cost breakdown, enabling you to keep your budget on track and your property in top condition year round.

Tree and landscape lighting
We can enhance your image with professionally installed decorative tree lighting as well as low voltage landscape lighting.  The results are remarkable!

Lightning protection systems
Our systems are designed to protect important tree specimens from lightning damage.

Cabling and bracing
These systems are installed to preserve and help with potential or existing structural problems.

Chainsaw maintenance & safety education
We can deliver a training class for your staff on proper chainsaw maintenance and safety.

Golf Course Services:

Green waste management
We save you money by managing the green waste that accumulates on golf courses, which is normally very costly to remove.  We set up a flow of green waste as well as a plan to either manage or remove it completely, enabling you to contain your operating expenses.

Low impact methods
We have mastered working on golf courses with methods that have very little impact on the trees, the course or the golfing experience.  Almost all work can be performed while courses are open.  We work with appropriate golf course etiquette, understanding the importance of silence and utilizing handsaws instead of chainsaws. All of our techniques allow for uninterrupted work flow while golfers are able to enjoy their sport unhindered.

Onsite arborist placement
Enjoy the advantage of full time course maintenance by a qualified arborist.  Our arborists are fully insured by us, allowing you to eliminate costly insurance expenses normally associated with having a professional arborist on site.

These are just some of the great services we offer which can be customized to meet your specific business requirements.  All of our services are scalable, so no job is too big or too small.